Welcome to the Niagara German-Canadian Club


The Niagara German-Canadian Club is a non-profit organization that has served as the focal point for the German-Canadian community in Niagara Falls, Ontario, since 1934. Since the club’s founding we have been committed to the people of Niagara Falls through donations and functions in support of numerous causes.


The Niagara German-Canadian Club promotes the understanding of German-Canadian culture and history. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the promotion of community activities, including the promotion of sports teams, cultural endeavours and charities. Today the club enjoys the camaraderie and friendship among its members through our regular and special events.


Ein Prosit to 60 Years of the German Village Soccer League

From left to right: Richard Ludchen, Frank Mergl, Walter Hein, George Teibert, Sr. Eddie Hein, Mac Steinschifter, Horst Bockel, Joseph Schankula, Peter Meisenburg.

Front left to right: George Teibert, Jr. George Mayer.


Board of Directors 2018

L to R — Paul Norris (Vice President), Richard Ludchen (President), Doris Mayer (director). Helen Letourneau (secretary), Margaret Hein (Financial Secretary)